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At The Lawrence Group, we specialize in crafting marketing and leasing strategies to enhance property visibility, strengthen tenant relationships, and maximize value across all asset classes. Our comprehensive suite of services for landlords blends traditional strategies with innovative marketing and technology solutions, ensuring your properties stand out in a dynamic real estate market.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Elevate Your Property’s Market Presence: Secure a prime position in our “Featured Listings” to enhance visibility and accelerate leasing processes.
  • Showcase Your Property’s Best Features: Leverage our design and marketing services including professional photography, immersive virtual tours, promotional films and collateral production.
  • Targeted Advertising Campaigns: Tap into our marketing strategists to launch digital advertising campaigns targeting potential tenants, expanding
    your property’s reach and appeal.

Lease Management and Optimization:

  • Streamline Your Leasing Operations: Conduct comprehensive lease audits and implement recovery strategies to ensure compliance and maximize revenue.
  • Expert Lease Negotiation: Rely on our seasoned professionals to minimize risks and secure favorable lease terms, enhancing your property’s value

Tenant Experience Strategy

  • Build and Maintain Strong Tenant Relationships: Tap into our team of strategists to develop thoughtful tenant engagement strategies to boost tenant satisfaction and encourage long-term occupancy.

Services for Tenants



At The Lawrence Group, we understand that securing the right space is just the beginning of your real estate journey. Our tenant services provide end-to-end support, from finding the ideal location to tailoring your new space to fit your business’s evolving needs.

Tailored Property Search:

  • Find Your Perfect Space: Receive customized property recommendations based on your unique business requirements, budget considerations, and growth projections.

Lease Negotiation and Consulting:

  • Secure Optimal Lease Terms: Engage our expertise to negotiate lease terms that support your business objectives and ensure future flexibility.
  • Ensure Value with Lease Audit and Recovery: Take advantage of our lease audit services to confirm you are achieving the best possible terms.

Legal and Compliance Advisory:

  • Navigate Transactions with Confidence: Access expert legal services to manage the complexities of real estate transactions and ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Relocation/Setup & Workspace Design Support:

  • Seamless Transition Assistance: From securing temporary office spaces to orchestrating technology setups, our comprehensive support ensures a smooth transition to your new workplace.
  • Create a Workspace that Works for You: Collaborate with our experts and our network of trusted vendors to develop and implement a comprehensive workplace strategy that includes design, layout optimization, and full build-out services, tailored to enhance space utility and employee wellbeing and productivity

*Services may include additional costs, ask your broker for more details.

Meet Our Team

Navigating NYC’s Real Estate Landscape with a Classic Touch and Modern Tech

At The Lawrence Group, we are driven by a commitment to forge positive, long-term partnerships. Our team operates on a foundation of expertise, integrity, and diligence, ensuring every interaction advances your strategic business goals. We pride ourselves on a hands-on service model that delivers focused attention and expert guidance, helping clients master the intricacies of the NYC real estate market.

Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge and specialized skills across the full spectrum of commercial real estate. From leasing, brokerage, and sales to owner and tenant representation, as well as consulting and management, our professionals are equipped to handle every challenge. This depth of expertise allows us to build strong, invaluable relationships with tenants, landlords, and industry peers, making us a trusted partner in your real estate journey.


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